WS2: Warsaw – 14 Oct 2014

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Context: Centrala architecture workshop organised by AIR Laboratory CCA Ujazdowski Castle
Where: Porthos, AIR Laboratory, Warsaw, Poland
When: 14.10.2014
Participants: 12


Q&A with Centrala
A question & answer session between Goscia Kuciewicz and Simone Iacobis from the Warsaw-based architectural practice Centrala and 12 students from different architecture schools around Poland.

Some of the questions asked and discussed
If not architecture, then what?
The biggest success, biggest failure?
What is your unreal architectural dream?
What is the most useful attitude of your work partner?
How often do you argue? Are there conflicts?
How do you divide projects?
How does Centrala work?
How did you start your career? As an activist artist or an architect?
Are you happy about your work and life?
Do you want to stay in Poland?
If you had a possibility to choose various kinds of projects, what you prefer to create?
Is it difficult to deal with constructors, electricians, etc.?
Who would you like to cooperate with?
The most difficult and the easiest project?
What is the darkest side of your job?
Do you see any alternative for your job?
Are you satisfied with your payment?
What about money? Does Porthos repay the effort to work with it?
How to be an architect-artist? And still earn money?
How did you start working together? How did the collaboration look like?
How do you imagine your retirement? How long do you want to work as an architect?