WS1: Lecce – 29-31 Jul 2014

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Context: Do It Together, Laboratori dal Basso organised by Make People Do
Where: Manifatture Knos, Lecce, Italy
When: 29.07.2014 to 31.07.2014
Participants: 11

If you imagine that everything proceeds to plan, what kind of practice will you have in 3 to 5 years from now?

• Drive/impulse – What passions, desires and needs are driving your practice?
• Monetary and non-monetary economies – Who is gaining from your practice? How is it sustained?
• People/external actors – Who does your practice involve? Who does it speak to? Who are its allies? Who is it in competition with?
• People/internal actors and collectivity – If yours is a collective practice, how do the relations work among the group? How do you deal with hierarchies, division of roles, etc.?
• Geography – Where do you operate?

What defines a successful practice today?

How can we re-define the concept of success? How does our notion of well-being contribute to this re-formulation?


Manifest prosperity*
• do what you desire
• develop a low-cost practice
• work towards the collective management of basic material resources
• experiment with notions of collectivity and efficiency
• create virtuous and sustainable cycles, both in work and life
• put care into relations with others
• re-invent rules and words
• embrace a perpetual becoming
• have the courage to end an experiment (and to restart it)
• take a position and act from it
• matter to whomever matters to you
• self-define objectives, priorities, needs and desires
• continue to question what you do and think
• exit the conventional circuits of design

* This manifesto is a translated and edited version of the manifesto in the image above.

Day 3
Mapping resources and planning how to activate them

• What are the resources you can activate?
• What concrete steps can you take to activate them?
• What could you be sharing and/or activate with others?