Tool #10: Working in other fields

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More and more designers are embracing an engagement with social and environmental issues, while also multiplying the tools they regard as their own. This tendency can open up real possibilities for designers to leave the creative industries and to develop their design skills in more socially and environmentally valuable jobs in other sectors. Making a living as a social worker, teacher or environmental campaigner – to name only a few options – becomes a real and can be seen as an attractive possibility; a possibility that (for now) allows for more financial stability, social security and for a transversal application (and development) of design skills.

If you know of any designers that have made this move into other fields, please do let us know by dropping us an e-mail at info (at) precaritypilot (dot) net .

With the information gathered, we would like to build a directory of what can emerge when people trained as designers make such a move.

Last edit: 21.11.2014