Tool #6: Fuelling networks of care

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Even though in our societies the independent individual is the most valued, we’re all embedded in interdependent networks of care – whether we acknowledge it or not. In fact, for many these networks – mostly constituted by family and friends – are fundamental as they provide for:

• Moral support (for example, by listening to each other’s problems and desires, offering comfort in difficult situations, and sharing good moments)
• Social support (for example, by helping out with child care, skills, labour-power)
• Material support (for example, by being granted free or cheap rent, by using other people’s cars)
• Financial support (for example, lending money without interest)

In networks of care, a constant give and take is key – even if this takes place across different registers. How can we contribute to the development of our own networks of care? How can we make them more inclusive, beyond families and close friends? Can we activate them locally as well as trans-locally?

Last edit: 20.06.2014