Tool #3: Locating satisfaction and completion

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When working as designers and aspiring to make a living from this kind of work, a lot of energy goes into considering if and how one’s work is recognised by others, if one succeeds or fails with what one does. However, often the perception of how one is doing is influenced by norms within the field of design and by other people’s judgement.

To get a sense of self-determination about these parameters, one can ask:

a) What processes and outcomes of my work am I most pleased with?

b) Does my satisfaction and sense of completion depend on winning out on others? Is it based on a sense of collective achievement?

c) Is my sense of happiness and completion determined by public visibility? By my income? By recognition from peers? From recognition outside the field of design?

d) What milieu am I contributing to with my work? What are my points of orientation in considering the impact of my contribution?

e) What effect would my “success” produce for others? Who would benefit from it? Who would lose out?

Last edit: 08.12.2014