Tool #2: Activating co-working spaces

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Working from home as a freelancer can be detrimental both for one’s psychological well-being and for making productive connections with others. Joining (or setting up) a co-working space can be a great way to break out from this isolation. Working in a space with others also allows for unexpected connections to be made, to share ideas and concerns with others and to use the space as a platform for the organisation of activities.

Among the proliferation of co-working spaces, there are two main typologies: one connected to corporate, profit-seeking enterprises (such as The Hub with its many franchises) and one connected to spaces run by cultural workers themselves, primarily oriented towards offering a supportive environment at affordable prices (such as SUC – spazio ufficio condiviso in Milan).

If you know of any self-organised, peer-to-peer, non-profit driven co-working spaces in your area, please send us a note at info (at) precaritypilot (dot) net so we can link them from this site.

Last edit: 22.11.2014