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To explore the context of Precarity Pilot, we asked several people/groups – who all have been thinking about and acting against precariousness – to contribute with their reflections:

• The Precarious Workers Brigade think about the transition from university to work
Paolo Plotegher considers what it means to redefine role models
Valeria Graziano writes on how to deal with practices of self-management
• Bianca Elzenbaumer and Caterina Giuliani reflect on the outcomes of an inquiry on the socio-economic conditions of designers in Italy
• A reflection on the reasons behind this project: Precarity Pilot: Making Space for Socially- and Politically-Engaged Design Practice

We also include a link to the PhD thesis of Bianca Elzenbaumer/Brave New Alps, which explores what it means to make space for more socially and politically engaged design practices.

If you are looking for further references, please have a look at the glossary.