Get in touch

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You can reach us – in English, Italian, German and French – at:
info (at) precaritypilot (dot) net

Please get in touch, especially, if you:
• want to organise a Precarity Pilot workshop – either with or without us.
• know of any great organisational tools – developed by yourself or others.
• want to share your experience of dealing with precarious working conditions (such as self-organising an unconventional internship or workspace arrangement, making a living as a socially engaged designer, being active against precarisation outside the field of design, getting paid the right amount or anything else that you might want to share in relation to the issues Precarity Pilot touches upon).
• know of a practice that has inspiring ways of organising – both inside and outside the field of design.
• know of a text, movie, song, poem, etc. that connects to Precarity Pilot.
• want to translate a worksheet, text or anything else on the website into your own language.

Print the Precarity Pilot poster and spread the word. Thank you.

The Precarity Pilot hashtag is #precaritypilot